Monday, March 06, 2006

Femininity on Paper

I made this card yesterday! It all 'bout women and beauty and dreams and believing in yourself and your journeys. I kept trying to set some time aside to craft and each time it was me that got sick, or one my princesses... last night I forced myself to do something. The key element was that I was to do something original that I had not seen anywhere using my materials. I am officially in need of some more embellishments. I could easily do this card again by reprinting some of the embellishment that they always sell 1 of. They get expensive so I need to start using more of my computer and less of my wallet!

This post is overdue but it's delivered with joy!
Happy Crafting!


A Little Hut said...

I love the way you make these collages. For some reason that doesn't come easy to me. Very cool!

Melissa said...

Maria, you are so talented! Your cards are like works of art! You really need to start making books. I can imagine the gorgeous book covers you'd make! :)