Sunday, April 16, 2006

Miles of Smiles

I made this card last night. I went with a friend to a 'card making' 'scrapbooking' gathering. I talked so much I only got one card done. I'm a talker for those that don't know me. Anyhow I wanted to share it with you because I just loved the paper and I finally picked some other colors besides red and black to work with.

I like the turnout. My materials are still limited because I'm a little financially lacking right now but I'm doing my best to pull together a good piece. Miles of smiles coming your way!


michelle said...

Cute card! Did you use rubber stamps also or was it all paper? Haha. You sound like me. I never go to workshops to actually work. Working my mouth is usually the most that gets done :)

Princesa de Chocolate said...

Some stuff is rubber stamb. Some by hand and some cut out papers. I had lots of fun making this one. The papers should take all the credit.

I'm a chatterbox! :) Love the new picture!